Our Aims

How we aim to assist you

Motiv8-lancs aim is to support a wide range of people who participate in our sessions at various venues throughout Lancashire.

We work with many health care professionals, our participants, carers, and family members to deliver meaningful life-changing outcomes for our participants whilst delivering high quality sessions at all our venues in Lancashire.

The structured learning activities that we provide will improve and enhance our participants’ physical and emotional mental health and well-being. The activities will extend access and participation whilst bringing local people together from diverse and deprived backgrounds. In our sessions participants will learn a wide range of skills and techniques that could lead to other opportunities that will help identify relevant pathways that could lead to further education, volunteering, training or employment that will enable them to make informed choices about their future.

The skills and techniques learnt in the sessions will help participants gain new found confidence, improve communication, share ideas and learn about a new specific topic whilst meeting new friends engaging in community based structured meaningful activities that promote a sense of well-being through achievement in a safe learning environment.

In all our sessions we implement life skills such as: Speaking, Writing/Reading letters of the alphabet, words, symbols and use of pictures.

We plan and design our own hand-outs using step by step instructions and use various pictorial recipes so our participants are able to achieve their own learning goals and aspirations at their own pace whist developing and progressing at their own pace.

If our resources are not suitable for some participants we will design and create new ones in order for that person to achieve their own individual learning goals in their own way, at their own pace using differentiated accessible resources to suit their learning needs.

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