Admissions Policy

Our current policy for admissions

  • A registration form must be completed
  • A taster session will be provided to see if the participant would like to accept a permanent place at Motiv8-lancs.
  • On acceptance of a place all sessional fees must be paid one month in advance.
  • We have a waiting list at the moment for our Wednesday sessions so please contact us to be put on our reserve list.
  • The fee must be paid for every session and no refunds can be given for any absences therefore try to book appointments on other days when your client is not accessing our sessions.
  • All missed sessions must be paid for in full.
  • At Christmas we are closed for two weeks therefore participants do not pay throughout this period or at Bank holidays including Christmas when fees do not need to be paid.

Participants must pay on the first Wednesday of each month for the month in advance either a four week sum or a five week sum depending on which month it is.

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