Feedback We've Received

What people say about our sessions

Do you think Motiv8-lancs provides you with the opportunity to develop your skills, personal goals and aspirations?

They replied:

        ‘Yes, meeting new people, learning new skills, gaining confidence, decision making/planning what to make’

Have you participated in any new topics?

        ‘Learning about healthy/unhealthy foods/exercise, learning about different foods’

Have you learnt any new skills or cooking techniques?

        ‘Chopping and different methods of cooking, how to use different equipment’

Have you gained any new found confidence participating in these activities whilst meeting new friends?

        ‘Yes, inclusion in group activities, turn taking, handing out equipment and food ingredients’

What did you enjoy the most?

        ‘Meeting new people, planning recipes and choosing what to make in the sessions’

What do you like about Motiv8-lancs?

        ‘Total inclusion in group activities, meeting new people, being given choices, decision making’

*Completed feedback sheet from a support worker from Brothers of Charity April 2017.


What do you like about Motiv8-lancs?

        ‘The enthusiasm, planned group activities/trips. Meeting new people and learning new skills’

        ‘Dance and cooking new healthy types of foods and socialising’

        ‘The yummy meals we cook and eat’

        ‘Good interactions and letting me get involved’

*Comments from support workers in our Tuesday Healthy eating ‘Cook ‘n’ Lunch session in Bamber Bridge funded by United Utilities.


Art sessions feedback

        ‘You have given me some good information and I was pleased with the way it was done’

        ‘I really enjoyed it! And I found it interesting and I feel really confident and comfortable. It was amazing and I feel relaxed’

        ‘Excellent, informative and very pleasant staff’

        ‘Since attending the sessions I have found something new that I enjoy and it has inspired me and I have enrolled into Preston College to do a course on Drawing for Beginners’

        ‘The session has been brilliant and I had a great afternoon’

        ‘Very interesting ideas for the sessions and good to be involved in different things. A nice and friendly atmosphere’

        ‘I really enjoyed the therapeutic aspect of the craft sessions using your imagination and creativity’

        ‘The art classes have been great. It has built my confidence to do the crafts and to communicate with other members of the class. It has got me out of the house, I would definitely come again’

        ‘I like the session because I have problems following things through. It was an effort to attend but once I did I enjoyed it a lot. I almost gave up on the birdhouse but persevered and I am proud of myself.’

*Feedback from our art/craft sessions in the local community.

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